Why you shouldn’t buy a Rolex GMT-Master

The Rolex GTM-Master II

The Rolex GMT-Master II is probably one of the most recognizable watches existing. First introduced in 1954, it is as old as the Rolex Submariner. The GMT-Master is the result of the cooperation with the company “Pan-Am”. The company wanted a watch which would allow their pilots to see a second timezone. The GMT-Master was invented. It had a fourth hand which displayed the second timezone on the 24-hour bezel.

Now, why shouldn’t you buy a GMT-Master? The value of the watch has steadily increased over all the years of it being on the market. Good models are now traded from 11.000 to 17.000$. The watch is very popular and has an iconic design. Obviously, saying you shouldn’t buy it is a little bit exaggerated. But in terms of value, I would look into a very similar Model from Rolex.

The Rolex Explorer II

The Rolex Explorer is neither as well known, nor is it as iconic as the GMT-Master II. So why should you buy it instead of the GMT? The answer is quite simple. Because it is on its way to becoming as iconic as the GMT-Master.

The regular Rolex Explorer is the result of the 1953 British Mount Everest expedition. The explorers had a Rolex watch at that time and they gave feedback to Rolex, to create a better “explorer watch”. In the same year, the Rolex Explorer was introduced. The problem: It was not very suitable for explorers. So the Rolex Explorer II was introduced. It now had illuminated hands, so you could read it in the dark. It also got a 24-hour bezel, so cave explorers always knew what time it is. It already had the same movement as the GMT-Master, but it was less popular because you couldn’t turn the bezel to use the GMT-function. Yet. The following model was equipped with a new movement that let you adjust the 24-hour hand independently. The watch was now a GMT-watch

So why would you want to buy the Rolex Explorer II?$

The explorer offers the same functions as the GMT-Master. The difference is that you can actually pick up the Explorer II for retail or even under, it has a way higher chance of increasing in value. You can pick up a Rolex Explorer II under 10.000$. If you are lucky, you might even find one in the mid-four-figure-range. It is also rarer than the GMT, if you want to separate yourself from the mass, the Explorer II is probably the better watch for you. Also, there is no reason for this watch to be less popular than the GMT-Master. So personally, I think that as soon as the world realizes that it is basically the same watch as the GMT, it will increase in value substantially.

If you like the design of the Explorer and you want to separate yourself from the mass, you should definitely look into buying the Explorer II. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the GMT-Master II, but if you are looking for that price increase the Explorer II is THE WATCH at the moment.

Share your opinion on this topic in a comment. Which watch do you prefer, the iconic GMT or the underdog?

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