Austin Richard Post is a 25-year-old Is-American music producer and popstar. Aside from his love for guitars and cars, he is very passionate about jewelry. Here is a list of his watches.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Post Malone got this timepiece for his birthday from his friend 21 Savage. The reference number isn’t clear but prices will be in the range of 20.ooo$ to 50.000$. The classic design of the Royal Oak with the subtle grey dial is a great watch for every occasion.

Rolex Daytona Rainbow

The rosegold Daytona with the Rainbow bezel has become a very popular watch. The factory set version that Post Malone owns is offered for well over 200.000$. Some offers even go up to 400.000$. He says that this piece is a great because it is an elegant watch that has an edge to it.

Patek Phillipe Aquanaut

Post Malone managed to get the white gold aquanaut with the green dial and strap for the list price directly from Patek. This watch gets traded at around 70.000$ and it has become a good alternative to the Patek Phillipe Nautilus.

Patek Phillipe Nautilus with diamonds

The factory set Nautilus is what you can call a chandelier. Being full of diamonds and having a baguette bezel and strap you will definitely get noticed. Post Malone said, that he wairs this piece if he really wants to stand out. The watch is currently bing traded for about 400.000$.

Richard Mille

In the last years Richard Mille has become THE celebrity watch. Being a Popstar Post Malone owns not one, not 2, but three Richard Milles. One of them is the Richard Mille RM12 It is the lightest existing tourbillon watch and costs about 800.000$.

Another highly demanded watch from Richard Mille that he owns is the Richard Mille Bubba Watson. It is also traded at around 800.000$. He likes the Richard Mille watches because people that aren’t into watches won’t recognize how expensive it is.

Now the real heavy hitter! The Richard Mille Skull Asia edition, which is his favorite watch, at a price point of 1.000.000$! He loves the look of it and he also bought it ‘so that he has sh*t to talk about in his songs. Prices don’t seem to go down.

Hublot Ferrari Techframe 70 year anniversary

Post Malone is a big Hublot fan. He loves the versatility of the watches. This limited edition Ferrari Hublot costs about 130.000$. Although the price did drop it seems like they stay at around 120.000$.

The second Hublot he owns is the Hublot Classic Fusion Skeleton. The watch is out of Titanium and has a tourbillon. It is limited to 99 pieces and you need to spend around 70.000$ to get one.

Thank you for reading! Which one of those watches is your favorite and what watch would you buy if you had this amount of money. Tell me in the comments! All the information from this post is from GQ. If I made price- or spelling-mistakes, please let me know via the contact forum. Make sure to follow the Newsletter to get notified when I post new articles.

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